EccoPrime offers to its clients topobathymetric surveys for hydraulic prohjects, industrial projects, master plan and other which the industry or public institutions can demand.

Territorial Diagnosis

This type of study is aimed at identifying the existence of initiatives and investment projects, public and/or private, that could enhance or disadvantage both the activity to promote. Thus, the main impacts are determined from the perspective of the territory, as well as measures or regulatory changes. This, using territorial analysis tools to graph the different initiatives and environmental issues.

Flora and Fauna

We have the capabilities to develop studies that allow identification and taxonomic classification of both the plant species and the fauna in a given area of ​​influence of a project. This, according to the statement by the MINSEGPRES, the Red Book of Vascular Flora of Chile (Benoit 1989) and the last classifications species approved by CONAMA and Regulation of the Hunting Law, of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Geology and Geophysics

EccoPrime has managed to combine the two specialties to offer a tool capable of estimating certain geomorphological and lithological characteristics that may affect underground reservoirs or surface waterways, or indicate areas of seismic risk or potential exploitation and leaky confined aquifers.


We carry out rainfall, fluviometrics and cartographic studies and analysis of the project site area; as well as elements that eventually alter the basin where it is located. Coincidentally, we produce and handle Use Rights of Surface and Groundwater; ITO of Drilling and Enabling, and Deep Well Inspection.

Acoustic Impact

The Noise Study seeks to determine the noise impact generated during the construction phase and operation of the project. Also consider conducting a baseline and acoustic modeling of sound pressure levels. In the event that the predicted noise emissions exceed the maximum values ​​established by the regulations, necessary mitigation mechanisms are proposed to comply with current legislation.

Perceptual Medium and Landscape Resources

This type of study seeks to explain the status and characteristics of the Landscape and Scenic Resources in the area where the project is locatedand and its areas of direct and indirect influence.


We made Cadastres of Marine Concessions present in a given sector, along with the Maritime Authority, then we sectorize them cartographically. Furthermore, we elaborate Studies of Influence to Areas Restricted by plans, regional strategies, shoreline use policies or other territorial planning instruments.

Within this area EccoPrime also offers: current studies, simulations of pollutant dispersion, bathymetric, benthic studies of aquatic communities and water quality. This, in order to design projects outfalls, intakes, docks, marine or other structures at sea.

Cultural Heritage

Our team of archaeologists is fully prepared to discard or confirm the existence of traces of heritage or historical interest, as well as to analyze the social and cultural activities nearby both vulnerable and native human groups.

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